In a recent blog, we talked about how you may want to get your roof ready for winter

It’s true that the change in weather as we move towards a frostier time of year can put a strain on your roof, especially in extreme conditions such as snow and ice. So how do snow and ice impact your roof and what can you do about it? 

Here at S&J Roofing Bath, we have put together some tips and guidance to help protect your roof this winter. We specialise in roofing in Bath and the surrounding areas, and we understand that sometimes all your roof needs is a bit of TLC to help it cope with snow and ice in the winter months and exceed its life expectancy. 


So how does snow and ice impact your roof? 

While it’s true that your roof should be able to withstand dreary weather conditions for a very long time (after all we are in England), extreme weather can cause significant wear and tear. 


1) Leaks and water damage 

There are a few different direct effects that snow and ice can have on your roof. For example, the weight of the snow and ice alone can put pressure on your roof, and unlike rain, melts in puddles rather than draining off right away. The longer that spots on your roof are damp, the higher the chance that this can lead to issues. 

With ice and snow sitting on your roof, you’re more prone to leaks and damage to the integrity of your roofing materials. As you can imagine, dampness can seep beneath tiles and through the roof causing further problems to the interior of your home. Older roofs are more susceptible to leaks, so make sure you’re looking out for these potential issues during roof inspections so you can fix them before they escalate! 

This is exactly why we strongly recommend inspecting your roof before (and after) the winter weather sets in.


2) Ice dams

Another factor that can contribute to water damage is ice dams. These occur when a build-up of ice accumulates on the edges of your roof, creating a barrier. This can happen as the ice thaws and then refreezes as it drains off. Ice dams can trap water on your roof, as it has no route to escape, leading to the formation of icicles and puddles of moisture.

This build-up of ice and snow right on the edge of your roof can understandably cause some concern for the safety of those who walk beneath.

You’ll be glad to know that despite the strain that a combination of ice and snow can have on your roof, the likelihood of an issue as extreme as your roof caving in is low. Although, you can calculate just how much weight your roof can take for peace of mind this winter. 

The weight of ice dams can also put pressure on your roof itself and your gutters as we’ll explain next. 


3) Gutters

Gutters are not designed to withstand much weight other than the occasional build-up of debris. The weight of ice and water can cause damage to the gutters themselves as well as cause them to overflow. 


4) Skylights

Luckily, your skylight is actually very unlikely to be affected by snow and ice. However, if you’re worried about protecting your skylight against ice and snow, take a look at this blog from Velux that should help ease your worries. 


Need help preparing your roof for winter?

Snow and ice are inevitable, but there are plenty of ways you can prepare your roof. 

Let us professionals ensure that your roof is well prepared for the coming winter, ensuring peace of mind; the last thing you want is a leaky roof ruining your interior! If you’d like to speak to us regarding your roof, please feel free to contact us! 

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