Frosty mornings, wild winds and rainy days, are just some of the different types of weather your roof must endure over the coming winter days.

Here at S&J Roofing Bath, we’ve had the foresight to write an article on how you can prepare your roof for the coming winter. We specialise in roofing in Bath and the surrounding areas, and we understand that sometimes all your roof needs is a bit of TLC to help it last through the winter months and exceed life expectancy.


So why should you prepare your roof for the Winter?

Early roof failure is almost always caused by neglecting preventative maintenance. Having a maintenance plan in place can help extend roof life, improve energy efficiency by reducing air leaks and help promote healthy living.


Winter is coming, so here are our top tips for getting your roof ready for Winter

We have compiled a list of ways in which you can prepare and get your roof ready for the long winter ahead. 


1) Regular Roof Inspections

We recommend you inspect your roof on a regular basis, at different points of the season and get a professional to conduct a full inspection once a year. Basing your roof inspections around the two main seasons (Winter and Summer) is the most recommended action. This makes it easier to spot potential problems and solve them before they develop into bigger issues. So why not contact us and set up a roof inspection? 


2) Clean your Guttering

Leaky Roof? A clogged-up gutter can be one of the culprits, especially during the winter months when ice melts. Water can overflow due to the blockage in your gutter and seep into the interior of your roof causing decay in your attic. We suggest scheduling an inspection and clearance of your guttering at least once to twice a year! 


3) Ensure that Roof Void is suitably Insulated

Condensation in roofs has been an issue, particularly in houses built pre 1930’s era. It’s typically due to the old-style felts which act like a membrane, providing a secondary shielding to rain and snow which is driven under the roof coverings by the wind, but also prevents potential pests from entering the roof.

However despite their benefits, there are drawbacks, because roofing felts are designed to be impermeable, moisture cannot escape, leading to rotting of timbers and damp appearing on the ceiling. To combat this ensure your house is well ventilated, but also a yearly check to see if the member is doing its job. Especially in towns like Bath where a lot of the buildings are pre-1930 and older. For more modern buildings, where ventilation is better and built to set regulations (BS 5250:2011+A1:2016), one must really ensure the felt is still well preserved. 


4) Tiles are not broken/ slipped or displaced

Probably one of the easiest issues to spot, having a broken/slipped tile can produce some serious consequences. Slipped tiles/slates can let in large amounts of rainwater which can put extra stress on the underlay, predisposing the protective membrane to tears.

If you do spot any damage on your roof, please contact a professional immediately and get your tiles replaced. We have a wide range of tiles available to match your current style if replacements are needed.


5) Ongoing removal of Snow and ice

The cold winter is now approaching, and with it bringing ice, though pretty it really can cause havoc on your roofs! The build-up of ice can create dams that can potentially tear your guttering and loosen roof shingles.

We recommend that you watch out for any ice dams around the edge of your roof. If you do spot a large build-up, gently rake it off and make a mental note of the location and let a professional know. 


6) Garden Maintenance

Simply put, any overhanging trees or shrubbery can lead to branches being thrown around with the wind. Branches and debris can then scrape or damage your roof and clog up your guttering!


Preparing For Your Roof Inspection?

Let us professionals ensure that your roof is well prepared for the coming winter, ensuring peace and mind, the last thing you want is a leaky roof ruining your interior! If you’d like to speak to us regarding your roof, please feel free to contact us! 

We have been in the industry working as roofers in Bath since 1981, and we pride ourselves on being able to deliver the best results at amazing prices. Take a look at our portfolio, and get in touch today on 01225 951 223.