Since 1981, S&J Roofing have been a trusted name for roofing in Bath. Over the years we’ve taken on a multitude of roofing projects. From full new roof installations, right through to repairs and maintenance, we have built a loyal customer base across Bath and beyond, and a collection of positive reviews. All of this has led to the opening of our new permanent office in Bath. 

What can you find at our new office?

If you’re looking for any roofing advice or quotes, then you can still get in contact with us online and on the phone. Or you can visit in person for a friendly face and help with any roofing issue you may have. We specialise in designing and building pitched roofing, flat roofing and tiled roofing. We are also able to help with any roofing repairs you may need, whether for your business or your home.  

Where and when are we available?

The full address for our new office is 130 Walcot Street, Bath BA1 5BG, and we are available 8am until 5pm Monday to Saturday, and we are closed Sundays. Public holidays may affect these dates.

Why Bath?

When choosing a new office location, it was important for us to be local to our customer base. Bath is also an exciting location surrounded by iconic buildings and beautiful 18th century Georgian architecture. 

We also believe it is important for our office to be in Bath due to our community ties; at S&J Roofing Bath we aim to give back to the community wherever possible. We sponsor youth sports teams such as the Boco Boys under 6s football team and support other recreational activities in the local area such as The Roman Boxing Gym.


Here are a few words from S&J’s owner Lee, on the thoughts behind the new office and ideas for the future:

Why did you decide to open the Bath office?

It has been on the cards for 3 years due to the demand of roofing work within Bath. The office officially opened in April 2022.

What’s your favourite part about the new office?

The Walcot Street location and the footfall of traffic that it brings. Its also great for the team to have a main base to work from.

What potential opportunities do you see this new office providing your customers?

It’s unique as customers can come in and see a vintage detailed showroom, which has been put together with many years of thought. We wanted to stand out from our competitors with our unique showroom.

What can we expect to see in your Bath office?

Selection of products, materials, a kind friendly reception from staff and great coffee.

Describe your journey to getting your new office

Just a lot of hard work and having a great reputation. I have standards where I work to a certain level and quality. So keeping that ridiculous high level and client base it is certainly starting to pay off.

 What are your plans for the future?

Grow the team but steadily at S&J we are a great believer in not sub contracting work out. We are a family run business so want to hold on to our reputation.



At S&J Roofing Bath we are looking forward to welcoming you to our new office for a coffee and a chat, as well as helping you build or maintain your dream roof. Get in contact with us today or visit our office!