A lot of people this year due to COVID 19 are bringing the Christmas spirit forward a month by putting up decorations in November which means homeowners are hauling out their string lights, Christmas trees and more. This, of course, will continue on into December too. 

Santa Clause may make it look easy navigating on a rooftop with a huge bag of gifts and eight-foot reindeer but for most homeowners holiday decorating can lead to quite severe accidents if not done properly. 

Did you know in the UK alone around 80,000 people will need hospital treatment over the holiday season due to falls, cuts, burns and much more? In the USA, 15,000 people were treated due to decorating accidents in 2012.  

It may be the most wonderful time of the year, but a trip to A&E can instantly make the festive season less jolly. S&J Roofing wants to try to help you prevent this from happening by giving you some basic roof safety tips to follow before you start your festive decorating.

Decorate In The Day Time


Christmas Decoration


This may sound obvious but it can be tempting to wait until dusk so that you can see your lights all lit up and ready to go, but please don’t. Set aside sometime during the day so you don’t feel rushed and also always make sure to check the weather forecast to make sure there is no unexpected rain, snow or heavy winds. 


Prepare Your Decorations


Prepare Lights


There will be nothing more frustrating than getting up to your roof and then realising that the lights aren’t working. It is definitely worth checking all of your decorations beforehand and taking that extra time to make sure everything is in working order. 

It may also be worth untangling all of your lights too before going up onto the roof as this is the number one reason people have accidents as they get caught up in decorations and then could fall. 


Clear The Roof


Clearing Roof


A clean and clear roof is very important for several reasons, with the main one, of course, being to prevent accidents. No matter how many decorations you are using you should always start by clearing your gutter system of dirt, debris and other materials which could cause a trip or slip hazard. 

Stay Safe On The Ladder




The majority of holiday decorating accidents are the result of falls from the roof or ladders. So here are some tips to help you stay safe: 

  • Make sure you have a ladder that supports your weight
  • Set up the ladder on a flat surface
  • Set up your ladder away from power lines, electrical equipment and doors which could be opened. 
  • Consider getting a friend or family member to spot you. 

Prepare Yourself Properly

As much as you need to prepare your equipment you must also prepare yourself. Make sure to wear non-slip shoes, carry a tool belt around your waist so you can have use of both hands and never leave tools around the ground or on your roof and this can make things even more dangerous. 


Don’t Push Yourself

Last but not least, look after yourself and know your limits. Do not get on your roof unless you have done it before, you feel fit and healthy to do so or you have followed the correct advice. 


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