Nestled in the heart of Bristol, King’s Weston House stands as a testament to centuries of history, its walls echoing tales dating back to the 17th century. It was commissioned by Sir John Newton, a prominent merchant and politician in the 1660s.

This grand structure has weathered the tides of time, undergoing various architectural transformations that mirror the evolving styles of each passing era. 

The elegant Georgian facade and meticulously landscaped gardens have witnessed countless social and cultural events, solidifying King’s Weston House as a focal point for Bristol’s elite.

At the core of this historic treasure lies a responsibility to preserve its rich heritage. As a roofing company, we were honoured to contribute to the conservation and enhancement of King’s Weston House.

The images below offer a visual testament to the transformation of this historic marvel, showcasing the skill and commitment we invest in every roofing project. 

kings weston roof

The opportunity to work on such a prestigious and storied building is a recognition of our expertise and craftsmanship. With a deep sense of pride and dedication, we approached this project, fully aware of the weight of responsibility that comes with working on a structure that holds a vital place in Bristol’s history.

Completing the roofing works at King’s Weston House marks a significant milestone for our team. Through meticulous effort and unwavering dedication, we have not only restored the roof but also enhanced its structural integrity for the years to come.

Our team is delighted to share the successful outcome of our work, a result of tireless effort and a passion for preserving architectural treasures.

Having played a pivotal role in safeguarding King’s Weston House, we take immense pride in contributing to conserving cultural heritage for future generations.

Kings Weston House

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At the heart of our endeavours lies a commitment to preserving the architectural gems that define our cultural legacy. King’s Weston House, now restored and ready to face the future, stands as a beacon of Bristol’s history, and we are honoured to have played a role in ensuring its continued glory.

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